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  1. Put number of records found in database in xml/json output from API  ·  completed

  2. Press the submit button, no response, why?  ·  completed

  3. Identifier for roles rather than individuals  ·  completed

  4. API Interface to produce a CSV output from a search query  ·  completed

  5. Add unique identifiers for error response types in the API  ·  postponed

  6. Add "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" header to API responses  ·  completed

  7. Display data license info prominently in both API and on website  ·  postponed

  8. Update the "Search and Add" feature to query on the name in the "Also Known As" field, too.  ·  completed

  9. The search API uses partial matching for fielded search queries where you'd expect exact matches only  ·  completed

  10. Add access-control-allow-headers: "...Authorization"  ·  declined

  11. Improve delivery of the public data file  ·  started

  12. to substitute the publication data windows  ·  completed

  13. Import and sync data from LinkedIn  ·  partnership

  14. Adding funding data to your ORCID record

  15. Fill publication form data using pmid  ·  completed

  16. Make date of suggestion and Orcid staff responses visible on this page  ·  declined

  17. Add md5 hash of email address(es) to public API response  ·  declined

  18. Initialized given names in search index & also exposed in API  ·  planned

  19. Allow populating bibliographic data from Japan's CiNii database  ·  partnership

  20. Have a simple interface for entering edudational data!  ·  completed

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