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  1. Display data license info prominently in both API and on website  ·  postponed

  2. Orcid takes responsibility for removing duplicates and creates a useful merged "parent" record around a work (based on robust matching)  ·  declined

  3. Make date of suggestion and Orcid staff responses visible on this page  ·  declined

  4. Put number of records found in database in xml/json output from API  ·  completed

  5. Identifier for roles rather than individuals  ·  completed

  6. Improve delivery of the public data file  ·  started

  7. to substitute the publication data windows  ·  completed

  8. Add "Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" header to API responses  ·  completed

  9. Improve ability to keep in sync a local copy of public ORCID data  ·  completed

  10. Add unique identifiers for error response types in the API  ·  postponed

  11. The search API uses partial matching for fielded search queries where you'd expect exact matches only  ·  completed

  12. Rename "Raw data" to "Dataset" as Works type  ·  completed

  13. data to grant and award system is broken or fruadulent  ·  declined

  14. Import and sync data from LinkedIn  ·  partnership

  15. disallow commercial use of my data because I want this  ·  completed

  16. Create a citation overview with data from Researcher ID and SCOPUS ID  ·  completed

  17. add DOI field to manually entered references and enter the complete bibliographical data, not only the title  ·  completed

  18. escape data on back end, eg. apostrophe in one's name  ·  completed

  19. Import articles from SAO/NASA ADS  ·  completed

  20. Provide an API for individual researchers to script modifications or download data from their record  ·  completed

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