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Does ORCID assure the identity of a user? How can we know a record holder is who they say they are?

ORCID provides a unique identifier for individuals involved in research, scholarship, and innovation. In order to register, individuals must provide one version of their name, a valid email address, and a password in order to create an ORCID account. Other than email validation, we do not check to ensure an individual's identity, nor do we collect sensitive data such as date of birth, gender, or address.

A key goal of our Collect & Connect program is to strongly encourage the community to make validated assertions about ORCID record-holders' affiliations and contributions in order to build assurance about an individual’s identity. Learn about working with us to enable these assertions in funding, publications, and research organizational workflows. 

In addition, a goal of the ORCID Trust program is to provide greater transparency to the components of the ORCID Registry and the principles by which we operate. 

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