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You are in control of your ORCID record

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Researcher control of ORCID records is one of ORCID’s core principles.

You register for your own ORCID iD, and you always have complete control over your ORCID record, including what information is connected to your iD; what is publicly available, private, or shared with trusted third parties; which third parties you share information with; and whether/how often you wish to receive updates from ORCID (learn more about visibility settings). This helps ensure trustworthy connections between you and your contributions and affiliations. Learn more about user control over who sees what.

Signing in (authentication) ensures that only you can access your ORCID record, and enables you to control permissions to obtain your iD and the data in your record. Learn more about the importance of opt-in, and the ORCID Trust program.

Can someone else create an ORCID iD for me?

Only you can create your own iD. We put you in control by establishing processes and policies for an iD to be created only by the individual that it represents. This helps ensure high-fidelity connections between you and your contributions and affiliations; see the ORCID Trust Program for more information.

Historically, ORCID also provided an option for members to create ORCID records on behalf of their employees and students, including obtaining an ORCID identifier, populating the record with data, and setting the initial visibility settings. We have been phasing this option out since late 2015 and expect the small number of members who still use this process to discontinue it by the end of March 2017. If your organization has created a record for you, you will be unable to create another record using the same email address, but you can claim the existing record. Please contact us for help with this process, or for other questions or concerns about an ORCID record that has been created for you by your organization.

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