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I already have a public profile in another system, how is ORCID any different?

ORCID is an identifier system. We provide a user interface that allows you to manage what information is connected to your identifier, the visibility of this connected information, and who you grant access to see and/or update your record. You own your ORCID identifier and record.

We are different from profile systems in a few ways:
  1. ORCID is integrated into many research systems, enabling collection of your identifier and connection to your affiliation(s) and contributions when you submit your paper, grant application, thesis, patent or start a new position. 
  2. These connections in turn can be used to automatically update your ORCID record. 
  3. Connections can be used to update any system that you grant access to your record, including any profile system(s) you use that is connected to ORCID. That means less time spent updating your record(s), regardless of where you choose to showcase your work.

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