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How often does ORCID hold community outreach meetings?

ORCID holds outreach meetings at least once a year for ORCID members and other interested parties to learn about new features, share information, and discuss plans and priorities. From 2016, we are also holding virtual regional town hall" meetings for ORCID member organizations in Asia-Pacific, Europe/Middle East/Africa, and the Americas, where we report on the previous year's achievements and share plans for the future. All ORCID events are free of charge for attendees. See the Events section of the ORCID website for information on upcoming and past meetings.

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Frequently Asked Questions about ORCID

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  20. How often does ORCID hold community outreach meetings?
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  25. Can ORCID send a technician to help us with our implementation?
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  27. Can we data-mine abstract or full text information through the ORCID API?
  28. Why aren’t ORCID records complete? Who curates ORCID records? Can ORCID de-duplicate my author database?

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