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What information should I add about work contributors?

The contributor field in works and funding allows you to list the researchers who have collaborated on a work or are party to a funded project. Contributors can only be added using the ORCID API -- a researcher cannot self-assert their contribution. 

Consult the current ORCID XSD (2.1) for the current supported contributor roles. 

Contributor roles in works Contributor roles in funding
  • author
  • assignee
  • editor
  • chair-or-translator
  • co-investigator
  • co-inventor
  • graduate-student
  • other-inventor
  • principal-investigator
  • postdoctoral-researcher
  • support-staff
  • lead
  • co-lead
  • supported-by
  • other-contribution

For both funders and works, it is possible to include the contributor's ORCID iD. We suggest you add contributor's ORCID iDs only if you have authenticated the ORCID iD, or have collected the ORCID iD from a source which has authenticated it. 

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