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Different ways to sign into your ORCID Record

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How do I sign into ORCID?
You can sign into ORCID using your ORCID account credentials (your email or ORCID iD, along with your password). You can also sign in using one or more other accounts that you have linked to your ORCID account, such as your institutional, Google, or Facebook accounts.

Why should I link other accounts to my ORCID account?
Most researchers have multiple sign in credentials – accounts for your institutional, personal accounts, social media accounts, and more. Managing them all can be cumbersome, but ORCID makes it easier by enabling you to sign into the ORCID Registry with credentials for other accounts that you already use.

What is an institutional account?
An institutional account is the username and password that you use to sign into services at your home institution, such as a university.

Why can’t I sign in using my institutional account?
There are a couple of reasons why this might be the case. First, although we have made arrangements with thousands of institutions globally to enable users to sign into their ORCID account using their institution credentials, these arrangements only cover those belonging to two currently supported federations (SURFconext, eduGAIN). Second, some institutions have not yet provided us with the information required to link your institutional account to your ORCID account. When this is the case, we make a note of the issue ourselves, and strongly encourage you to report it to technical support at your institution, using the email link provided in the resulting message shown

How can I sign into ORCID if I lose access to my institutional sign in account?
You can sign in using your ORCID account credentials. ORCID sign in will always be available, and you can always retrieve a password as long as you have a current email address listed in your ORCID account settings. You can also sign into ORCID using Google or Facebook accounts you have already linked to your ORCID account.

My university's logo used to display on the sign in screen, but is now gone - can I still sign in with my institutional account?
Your accounts will remain linked until you unlink them, however, occasionally the list of suggested institutions will reset. If this happens, please re-select your institution from the list.

Why do I need an ORCID password if I'm always going to sign in using my institutional or social media accounts?
A password specific to ORCID is required to ensure that you always have access to your ORCID record, even if you lose access to your institutional account (for example, if you leave your institution). Your ORCID sign in will always be available, and you can always retrieve your password as long as your ORCID record includes a current email address.

When will I be able to sign into ORCID using other social media accounts, such as Twitter, Mendeley, or
At this time we only support sign in using Google, Facebook, and institutional accounts, as well as your ORCID account. We have no immediate plans to enable researchers to sign in using other accounts, but you are welcome to suggest alternatives in our iDeas Forum.

I work with institutional sign in at my university – how can I get my university included?
Please see our information page for institutions for more details how you can enable your researchers to sign into ORCID using their institutional accounts.

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