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Different ways to sign into ORCID

There are several ways to sign into ORCID. You can sign in using your ORCID account, your institutional account, or your social media accounts from Google and Facebook.

If you would like to help your institution’s researchers sign into ORCID using their institutional accounts, find our technical support documentation here.


Most researchers have multiple sign in credentials – accounts for your institution, personal accounts, social media accounts, and more. Managing them all can be cumbersome, but ORCID makes it easier by enabling you to sign into the ORCID Registry using the credentials for other accounts that you already use.

How to sign in

If you already have an ORCID iD, you will be presented with several options when you sign into the ORCID Registry - sign in via a personal account, institutional account, or social media account. When you sign in for the first time using your institutional or other non-ORCID account, you will be asked to provide your ORCID username (email address or ORCID iD) and password, to confirm that the accounts should be linked. After that, you may use your ORCID sign in details or any of the other linked accounts to access your ORCID Record.

Signing in with your ORCID account

You may sign in using either your 16-digit ORCID iD or any email address associated with your ORCID record. If you have forgotten your password, reset it by clicking forgotten password. If you don’t yet have an ORCID iD, you can quickly and easily register for one now.

Signing in with your social media account

Click on the relevant icon to sign into your ORCID account using Facebook or Google. You will be redirected to the Facebook or Google sign in page.

Signing in using your institutional account

To sign into your ORCID account using your institutional account, select the Institutional Account tab. Select your institution from the dropdown list and then click Continue. This will redirect you to your institution’s sign in page to sign into your institutional account.

If you have already signed into your institutional account once on your current browser, you will see your institution’s logo.

Linking accounts

After signing into your institutional or social media account, you will be asked to sign into your ORCID account if you have not already done so. The two accounts will be linked once you’ve successfully signed into both.

You can link multiple institutional or other accounts to your ORCID account. Once linked, any can be used to access your ORCID record.

To link multiple accounts, simply repeat the above linking procedure for each additional account.

You can view the accounts that you have linked to your ORCID Record in your account settings.

Unlinking accounts

You can remove the connection between ORCID and any linked institutional or social media accounts in your account settings. Once you’ve signed in, scroll to the Alternate sign in accounts section and click the trash can icon next to the account to unlink it.

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