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Auto-updates: time-saving and trust-building

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When you provide your iD and grant permissions to a trusted organization to add data to your record, part of the expectation is that the organization you are connecting to will continuously update your record with information that it can validate and share. 

ORCID supports long-lasting permissions, allowing you to grant trusted organizations access to read and update your ORCID record for up to 20 years, or until you revoke permission from your account settings. The trusted organization uses these long-lasting permissions to continuously update your ORCID record with new information in its system. We call this auto-update.

Auto-updates are key to achieving the ORCID mantra of enter once, re-use often. They save you time and can increase trust in data by enabling the automatic exchange of information between research systems and ORCID records.

Auto-updates are not required. Just as you are in control of your ORCID record, you are also in control of whether you grant an organization permission to read or update your ORCID record, and for how long they can have that permission. You can also choose to revoke any permission that you already have granted. We strongly encourage you to grant long-lasting permissions that enable auto-update so you can benefit from automated and trusted updates to your ORCID record - no need to enter information yourself.

Note: Not every organization which requests long-lasting permissions supports auto-updates. If you are uncertain as to whether your trusted organization supports auto-updates, check their help documents or contact us for assistance.

Granting a trusted org update permissions

Granting an organization permission to add data to your record as a trusted organization

Does the organization I’m connecting to support auto-update?

Since ORCID enabled long-lasting permissions in 2014, many organizations have started to use auto-updates to keep your ORCID records updated. Below are four common workflows:

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