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ORCID inbox notifications

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Manage how and when you receive notifications from ORCID. We have developed an ORCID messaging system, seen on your ORCID record as the Inbox tab at the top of the record.

ORCID inbox notifications

Notifications to your inbox may include items like updates made to your record by your trusted organizations, requests from Crossref or DataCite to add works or other activities to your record, and notifications about being made a trusted individual. You can choose which messages are delivered to your inbox and how frequently you receive alerts. Messages are automatically archived after six months, and permanently deleted after one year. 

Choose which messages you would like delivered to your inbox in your Account settings:

  • Items are added or edited in my record by a trusted party (note: at present this will not include details of what has been changed)

  • Administrative changes, such as being made a trusted individual

  • An ORCID member wants my permission to add or update my ORCID record

  • There are significant new features, or new things that I can do with my ORCID iD

If you choose to not receive ORCID inbox notifications related to changes to your ORCID record, they will still be added to your inbox, but will not be sent to you by email.

You may choose to receive email messages when you have new notifications in your ORCID inbox by setting your email frequency.

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