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Overview of your ORCID record

1. Name

Your name is recorded how you entered when registering for your ORCID record. You can edit your name by clicking on the pencil icon next to it. Find out more.

2. Personal information

The left column of your ORCID record contains personal information about you. Click on the pencil icon next to each item to edit it. Find out more

3. Biography

You can enter a brief description of your research career and interests in the biography field. Find out more.

4. Education

This section records information about where you went to school and the degrees you have received. Find out more.

5. Employment

This section records information about where you have worked and your current employer. Find out more.

6. Funding

This section records any grants, awards, or other types of funding that you have received to support your research. Find out more.

7. Works

This section records your research output such as publications, conference presentations, data sets, etc. Find out more.

8. Account settings

The account settings tab will take you to a panel to edit information about your ORCID record, such as adding an email address, changing your password, and updating when and what type of notifications you receive. Find out more.

9. Visibility

Each item in your ORCID record has a visibility icon next to it that lets you set who can read that information. Find out more.

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