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Manually add works to your ORCID record



The Works section of you ORCID record holds references to your researcher outputs such as publications, data sets, conference presentations and other works. More information about works in ORCID.

You can add works to your ORCID record in three ways:

Manually add works

To add a work yourself, click on the +Add manually button in the add works section and you will see a list of fields to complete for a manual citation.  We recommend completing as many fields as possible when adding a work.

Add Work Manually
Work type The type of the work. (See our Member Support Center for the current list of supported work types.) This field is required.
Title The title of the work. For example, if the work is a journal article, then this would be the title of the journal article. This field is required.
Translated title If the title of the work has been translated into another language it should be recorded here.
Language of this title The language the translated title is in.
SubtitleA subtitle to the work, if there is one.
Journal title The name of the main volume this work was published in, if applicable. This can be the journal title, book title, volume title, etc. 
Publication date The date the work was published. You may fill in just the year, or just the year and month.
Citation type The format the citation is in. If BibTeX is selected, the citation will rendered to display as normal text.
Citation The full citation to the work.
Description A description of the work or abstract.
Identifier type An identifier associated with the work, such as an ISBN, DOI, or PMID. Start typing to see the full list of available identifiers.
Identifier value The identifier associated with the work. An identifier must be included for the work to group.
Identifier URL The URL where the identifier resolves to. The identifier URL will be auto-populated based on the identifier type and identifier value fields when possible.
Identifier relationship: Self or part of Information about if the identifier applies to the work itself (like a DOI for an article) or if the work is part of a larger collection the work belongs to (e.g. an ISBN of the book in which a book chapter was published).
URLAn external link to the work.
Language used in this formThe language you have recorded the information about the work in.
CountryThe country the work was published in, if relevant.

After you have completed the form click the add to list button at the bottom of the window. After you have added a work to your record it will display on the main page of your ORCID record under the works heading.

Deleting works

Next to each version of work in your record there are buttons to for the visibility setting and a icon of a trash can. Click on the trash can icon to delete a work in your record, you will be asked to confirm the deletion before it is removed. Works can also be deleted using the bulk edit functionality.

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