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Add works to your ORCID record

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Works are your research outputs, including publications, data sets, conference presentations, and more. While it is possible to add works manually, we recommend that you permit trusted organizations to add/update this information to add and update them for you - look for the green iD icon next time you submit a paper, book chapter, or book (learn more about auto-updates). Allowing trusted organizations to add information to your record ensures the data connected with your ORCID iD is authoritative and trustworthy, as well as saving you time entering information manually. The organization which added the work to your record will be listed as the source of the item.

The maximum number of works you can add to your ORCID record is 10,000. This helps avoid performance issues on the ORCID Registry. If you exceed this limit, you will see an error message asking you to remove some works and try again.

Your total number of works is displayed in the header.

default display

To help your record load more quickly, only the first 50 works are displayed initially. You can display more (50 at a time) by clicking the Load More button at the bottom of the Works section.

load more

There are three ways to add works to your ORCID record yourself:

  1. Add works by direct import from other systems to import links to your publications and other works to your ORCID record from other databases. This is the recommended process because it reduces or eliminates errors, and enables a reliable connection between your ORCID iD and your works

  2. Import and export works via BibTeX

  3. Add works manually

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