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Import and export works via BibTeX

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Our BibTeX tools allow you to import your research works from a BibTeX (.bib) file into your ORCID record, and export your ORCID works into a BibTeX file. BibTeX is a platform-independent, plain-text format used for bibliographic citations. BibTeX files can be created and edited using many popular reference management tools, such as Google Scholar Citations, EndNote, Papers, etc.

Note: The BibTeX import feature is available in browsers in up-to-date browsers.

We strongly recommend that you use the Works Search & Link wizards, or connections in private systems (such as your institution) to import/export works rather than relying on BibTeX. Wizards reduce or eliminate data transposition errors, and also enable a reliable link between your ORCID iD and your works. General information about works in your ORCID record can be found at Add works.

BibTeX is the preferred citation format on the ORCID record. When other systems add works to your ORCID record, we strongly encourage that they also include a BibTeX citation. If they have provided a BibTeX citation, then that is what will be visible in the details view of your ORCID record, and what will be exported, rather than the ORCID-generated BibTeX citation.

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