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Add funding to your ORCID record



Using the Funding section of your ORCID record you can record awards, contracts, and grants which you have received or by which you have been supported. This section, like others on the ORCID record, is optional -- if you have not received funding or other forms of support, you do not need to enter information in this section. 

Visibility settings

When adding your funding information, you will see a visibility selector that lets you set who can see the information you enter. The options are:

  • Everyone, which is information anyone who looks at your record can see
  • Trusted Parties, which is only made available to organizations or individuals to whom you have specifically granted access 
  • Only Me, which no one but you can see
For more information you can read about the ORCID Visibility Settings or see our Privacy Policy.

Link funding

To link funding to your ORCID from another source, go to Add funding then Search & link. Currently the only link tool offered is ÜberWizard. By following the ÜberWizard link you'll grant authorization then be taken to the ÜberResearch website where you can search for grants you have received then link them into your ORCID record.

Add funding manually

If you are unable to locate a funding item you received via the Link funding tools, you can manually add it. Go to Add funding then Add manually and you'll see a form to record information about the funding award. Each funding item should correspond to one funding award, if a project was funded from multiple sources or multiple awards each funding item should be entered separately.

The fields for adding information about funding are:

Add funding manually
Funding typeThe type of funding, either award, contract, grant, or salary-award. This field is required.
Title of funded projectThe title of the project that was funded This field is required.
Translated titleIf the project has an additional title in another language it should be recorded here.
Language of this titleThe language the translated title is in.
DescriptionA description or abstract of the funded project.
Total funded amountThe amount of money that was award to the project and the currency it was awarded in. If the project received multiple funding awards, each should be entered as separate funding items.
Start dateThe date funding became available. You can enter month and year or just year.
End dateThe date when the funding ended or will end. You can enter month and year or just year.
RoleYour role in this funding. The options are Lead and Co lead for individuals who applied for and received the funding, Supported by for individuals employed by the funding, or Other contribution.
Funding agency nameThe name of the organization that awarded the funding. As you start typing the name a list of suggestions will pop-up if you select the funding agency from the provided list it will automatically populate other fields about the agency. This field is required.
Funding agency cityThe city where the funding agency is based. This field is required.
Funding agency regionThe state, province or other region where the funding agency is based.
Funding agency countryThe country where the funding agency is based. This field is required.
Grant/Contract/Award NumberAn identifier assigned by the funding agency to identify this funding award.
Grant/Contract/Award URLA link to information about the funding award
Alternate URLAdditional links to the funding award or a link to the project that was supported by the funding.

After you have completed the form, click the Add to list button at the bottom of the window. After you have added a funding item to your record, it will display on the main page of your ORCID record under the Funding heading.

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