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Add links to other websites on your ORCID record

There are two ways to create a link between a website and your ORCID record

  1. Website: To add links to other websites or to systems which have not yet worked with ORCID to create an integration, such as Google Scholar and LinkedIn, you can add them as a website with your Personal information.

  2. Other IDs: ORCID has created partnerships with our members organizations, including Scopus and ResearcherID, to create connections between your accounts on their systems and your ORCID record. When your ORCID account is connected with their systems, your ID from their system will be added to your ORCID record; in some cases, your ORCID iD will similarly be added to your profile in their system. For more about how to make these connections see Link works.

Both links display in the left column of your ORCID record. Links added from member sites are under Other IDs and links you added are listed as Websites.

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