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Link works to your ORCID record from another system

General information about adding works to your ORCID record can be found at Add Works.

ORCID has created partnerships with our members to allow users to import publications and other works into their ORCID record from outside databases. The linking process can begin either on the ORCID site via our Search and link tools, or at the member's website. Before works can be added to your ORCID record, you must first grant access to the member organization's integration.


Visibility settings

Set the default visibility level for newly added items to your ORCID record in your account setting visibility preferences. You can also change the visibility setting of works after they are added to your ORCID record.

Choose from three options:

  • Everyone: Public information that anyone who looks at your record can see.
  • Trusted Party: Information only made available to organizations that you specifically allow to access your record.
  • Only me: Private information that no one but you can see.

For more information, see ORCID visibility settings or read our privacy policy.

Search & link wizards

To use the search & link wizards to add works from our members' databases, select add works, then search & link. A list of databases which have created works wizards will appear. Watch this video to learn how to add works to your ORCID record using our Search & Link wizards. 

Currently supported wizards include: 


The Airiti integration allows you to import metadata from Airiti Library, including journal papers, proceedings, dissertations and books. Recommended for researchers who have published works in Chinese.

ANDS National Collections Registry

The Australian National Data Service integration allows you to import datasets from the ANDS' collection. Recommended for researchers in Australia.


The Crossref Metadata Search integration allows you to search and add works by title or DOI. Once you have authorized the connection and are logged into ORCID, Crossref search results will also include a button to add works to your ORCID record. 


The DataCite integration allows you to find your research datasets, images, and other works. Recommended for locating works other than articles and works that can be found by DOI.

Europe PubMed Central

The Europe PubMed Central integration allows you to import works from the Europe PubMed database. Recommended for adding multiple published articles and patents.


The ISNI2ORCID integration allows you to link your ORCID and ISNI records and can be used to import books associated with your ISNI. Recommended for adding books.


The KoreaMed integration allows you to link articles from KoreaMed to your ORCID record. Recommended for researchers who have published in Korean. 

MLA International Bibliography

The MLA International Bibliography integration allows users to import books and articles from the Modern Language Association's database. Recommended for adding works in the humanities.


The Redalyc integration allows you to import metadata from Redalyc's index of open access peer-reviewed journals. Recommended for researchers who have published in Spanish or Portuguese.


Use this tool to link your ResearcherID account and works from it to your ORCID record, and to send biographical and works information between ORCID and ResearcherID.

Scopus Author ID

Use this wizard to import works associated with your Scopus Author ID; see Manage My [Scopus] Author Profile for more information. Recommended for adding multiple published articles to your ORCID record.

Link works from another system

If your publications are associated with a service not listed, check whether they can be exported in BibTeX format. Find out more how to import these works from a BibTeX file.

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