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Your ORCID iD - your digital name identifier

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Register for your ORCID iD today, and stand out in the sea of researchers. You control when and where you use your iD, and can manage connections to your iD in your ORCID account, including deciding who gets to add what information, and whether and by whom this data may be viewed and accessed.

Why should you register? Your iD:

  • distinguishes you and ensures your research outputs and activities are correctly attributed to you

  • reliably and easily connects you with your contributions and affiliations

  • reduces form-filling (enter data once, re-use it often)

  • improves recognition and discoverability for you and your research outputs

  • is interoperable (works with many institutions, funders, and publishers)

  • is persistent (enduring)

Your iD is yours throughout your career, no matter where you work, who funds you, whether your name or field of research changes, or if your name appears in different forms in different places, e.g. Sofia Maria Hernandez Garcia, Sofia M. Hernandez, S. Maria Hernandez, Sofia M. Garcia. Learn more about persistent identifiers (PIDs).

You can use your iD, maintain and update your record, share your information, and search the Registry for free. The only requirement for registration is that you agree to ORCID's privacy policy and Terms of Use. You do not need to have an institutional affiliation, and there is no set of requirements to qualify as a researcher.

Wear your ORCID iD with pride on the web - add it to your institutional profile page, email signature, and more. Here is how to display your iD on other sites. There's also an easy QR code generator on your ORCID record!

Tell your colleagues about ORCID. The more people use ORCID, the more everyone will benefit from improved discoverability and reduced time filling out forms.

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