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I didn’t receive a verification email, what now?

Welcome to ORCID > Register for your ORCID iD > Verifying your email address> I didn’t receive a verification email, what now?

You may have not received a verification email due to mail filtering or a mistake in your email address. Confirm that your email is correct in your account settings, and then check your spam or junk mail folders for messages from whose subject line starts with [ORCID]. You can also re-send the verification email by going to your ORCID Account settings, Email and contact preferences, and clicking the "Verify" link next to your email address.

If you do not receive a verification message, please contact us using the email address associated with your ORCID account. We’ll investigate the issue and help you verify your address. If your mail server is blocking our messages, we'l also get in touch with your service administrator so you can use your ORCID account as normal.

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