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Registration fields

Welcome to ORCID > Register for your ORCID iD > Registration fields

  • First name (required): Your given name, or the name you most commonly go by. If you only have one name, you should record it here. This is the only required name field, and is limited to 150 characters.

  • Last name: Your family, surname, or last name. This is not a required field, as ORCID is a global service and supports many naming conventions, but you should include it if you have one. This field is limited to 150 characters.

  • Email (required): Your email address, entered twice for confirmation. You will use your email address (or ORCID iD) with your password to sign in to the ORCID Registry.

    • A warning message will appear if the email address provided is already associated with an ORCID iD. You may not create a second account using the same email address. Reset your password to restore access to the account.

    • You will see a warning message if an account associated with the email address you provided was previously deactivated (learn more about deactivating an ORCID account). You can request a link to reactivate the account at the email address(es) on record.

    • You haven’t finished until you verify your email! Verification is required to access some ORCID editing functions. Learn more about verifying your email address.

    • Once you have registered, we strongly recommend that you add additional email addresses to your account. Having your personal and professional email addresses means that you will not lose access to your account in the event that you move institutions. Learn more about email and contact preferences.

  • Password (required): A password of your choice. Enter it twice to confirm it. Passwords must be at least eight characters long and contain both a number, and an alpha character or symbol. For more information about what can be included in a password click the question mark icon next to the password box. As you type a password, it will be given a rating. Only passwords rated as "Good" or "Strong" will be accepted by the system. Very commonly used passwords are not permitted.

    registration fields

  • Default visibility for new information added to your ORCID record: This determines the default visibility setting assigned to information you add or import to your ORCID record. It is set to everyone (publicly visible) by default. You can update the default setting for individual items after they are in your record. We strongly recommend choosing everyone or trusted parties as your default visibility setting as this will enable your information to be shared with the systems you interact with, allowing you to benefit from their ORCID integrations. Learn more about visibility settings.

    Default privacy setting

  • Email frequency (required): Set your preferred frequency for receiving notifications from ORCID: immediately, daily, weekly, quarterly, or never. The default setting is “weekly”. We will use your email address to contact you with important and relevant messages, such as record update notifications and administrative changes to your account. Learn more about ORCID inbox notifications.

  • Human confirmation (required): You must confirm that you are not a robot by completing the reCAPTCHA. Both visual and audio methods are available.

  • Terms of Use (required): You must check this box indicating that you consent to ORCID's privacy policy and terms and conditions before you can register.

After completing these fields, click the register button at the bottom of the page. In most cases you will be taken to your new ORCID record, but sometimes you will see a different screen or message:

  • Is this you? If an identical name already exists in our system, you will be prompted to check that none of the other individuals who share your name in the Registry are you. If you have previously registered with ORCID please select that record to sign in rather than creating a new account. If you believe that a record refers to you but there is not sufficient information provided, please contact us. If you have not used ORCID before, then none of the listed individuals are you and you can click None of these are me at the bottom of the screen.

    Identical names in our system - are any of these you?

  • An unclaimed profile already exists. If you see this message, an institution has previously created an ORCID record for you, and you need to claim it. To resend the message to claim a record created by your institution, enter your email address at Resend claim email. Note that institutions are no longer permitted to create records for their researchers, so this is a legacy issue that will only affect a small number of people. Learn more about the importance of opt-in.

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