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Sign into ORCID using your institutional account

Welcome to ORCID > Sign into ORCID > Sign into ORCID using your institutional account

Start at sign in and select the Institutional account tab. Start typing the name of your institution or select it from the dropdown list, and then click Continue.


If you have already paired your institutional account using your current computer and browser, you will instead see your institution’s logo. Click on the logo to continue.

Use selection or pick from list

This will redirect you to your institution’s sign in page. 

Institutional sign in page

You then enter your institutional credentials to link to an existing ORCID record, create a new linked ORCID record, or to access your ORCID record which you've already linked.

How can I sign into ORCID if I lose access to my institutional sign in account?

You can sign in using your ORCID account credentials. ORCID sign in, which uses email or your ORCID iD, is the default and permanent option for your account, and you can always retrieve a password as long as you have a current email address listed in your ORCID account settings. You can also sign in using Google or Facebook accounts you have already linked to your ORCID account. 

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Why isn't my institution available?

We work with thousands of institutions globally to enable users to sign in to their ORCID account using their institution credentials, through two currently supported identity federations: SURFconext and eduGAIN. If your institution does not belong to one of these federations, you will not be able to sign in to ORCID using your institutional account.

Why do I see an error message when I try to sign in using my institutional account?

Some institutions have not yet provided us with the information required to link your institutional account to your ORCID account. When this is the case, we make a note of the issue ourselves, and when contact information is available, we send a message to your institution. We strongly encourage you to make a report to technical support at your institution (using the email link provided in the on-screen message).

My university's logo used to display on the sign in screen, but is now gone - can I still sign in with my institutional account?

Your accounts will remain linked until you unlink them. However, occasionally the list of suggested institutions will reset. If this happens, please re-select your institution from the list.

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