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Visibility preferences

Welcome to ORCID > Account settings > Visibility preferences

When you register your ORCID iD, you set the default visibility setting of any data newly added to your ORCID record, either by you or by a trusted party: works, funding, affiliation, peer review, identifying information such as keywords, etc. This will not affect any new email addresses added to your record, the default visibility of email addresses is always to only you.

You can also update your default visibility setting at any time in the visibility preferences tab of your ORCID Account Settings. Choose from: 

Default visibility preference

Changing the default visibility preferences in your account settings will not overwrite the visibility level of any existing items on your record. To change the visibility of individual items in your record, use the visibility selector next to each item.

change the visibility of individual items

The only item without a visibility setting on the ORCID record is the ORCID iD, which is always visible to everyone. This enables the record to always have a visible iD so it can be identified and resolvable. 

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