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Notifications preferences

Welcome to ORCID > Account settings > Notifications preferences

ORCID sends three types of notifications to you:

By default, notifications about activity on your ORCID account and record weekly, and you choose whether you receive quarterly notifications about new features and tips on ORCID during registration. Service messages are sent to all users.

You can change how frequently you receive notifications from ORCID in your account settings by clicking the edit button in the email and notification preferences tab. 

click edit in Email and notifications preferences to access your settings

Account and record notifications

ORCID sends notifications about activity on your ORCID record in your ORCID Inbox and via email to your primary email address. You can choose which types of notifications to receive and how often you'd like to receive them.

Notifications appear immediately in your ORCID Inbox unless you have chosen to never receive inbox notifications.

Choose how often should we send summary emails to your primary email address about:

You can choose from one of five frequencies: 

  • Immediately
  • Daily (summary)
  • Weekly (summary) default 
  • Quarterly
  • Never

set your notification preferences

New features and tips notifications

Choose whether to receive emails from ORCID about new features and tips for making the most of your ORCID record. These messages are sent to your primary email address once quarterly. 

set your tips notification preferences

ORCID service messages

Service messages about changes to ORCID services or policies are sent to all ORCID registrants to their primary email addresses, as required by law. These announcements are rare. As this information may affect your visibility settings and the functioning of your ORCID account, you may not opt-out of service messages per our privacy policy.

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