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Account email addresses

Welcome to ORCID > Account settings > Account email addresses

You can add and update email addresses associated with your ORCID account in your account settings. We recommend registering at least two email addresses to your account, for example your institutional email address and a personal email address. This will enable you to have multiple methods of signing into your ORCID account and ensure that you’re not locked out of your ORCID record. Learn more at sign into ORCID.

To get started, click edit in the email and notification preferences tab.

click edit in the email and notification prefs tab to edit your registered email addresses

You can then edit your email address information on the account:

email listings

Each account has one email set as the Primary Email, which is where ORCID will send your inbox notifications, if you have opted to receive them, as well as service announcements about your account.

The current/past drop-down menu lets you select if the email address is one at which you currently can be contacted, or is an email that you no longer use but want to keep connected with your ORCID record in case it is mapped to an older research activities.

The Verify link will send an email message to your address with a link you can follow to verify that you have access to that email address. Click delete (waste bin icon) to delete the email address from your account. Note that your primary email address cannot be deleted until you add a new email and mark it as your primary email. The visibility selector let you adjust the visibility setting of each email address.

To add a new email address to your account, type it in the Add Another Email box and click add. A verification email will automatically be sent to that address.

Learn more about verifying your email address.

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