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Granting long-lasting permissions

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The organization will request that you connect your ORCID iD to their system and grant them long-lasting permissions. In some cases, this can be done publicly, for example, from the organization’s public webpage. But in most cases, you can only grant permission after connecting to the organization’s internal system, or via a message in your ORCID Inbox requesting permission to update your ORCID record.

In every case, permission is granted the same way: You are sent to the standard permissions form, where the name of the organization and their requested permissions are clearly indicated. By default, the option to enable long-lasting permissions - Allow this permission until I revoke it - is selected. You can also opt to grant one-time permission or deny it altogether.

Once you have granted long-lasting permissions, you can revoke them at any time from the Trusted organizations list under Account settings.

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