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Metadata in the Works section

Welcome to ORCID > Works, metadata, and peer review > ORCID metadata > Metadata in the Works section

  • *Work category and type: The type of the work (see the current list of supported work types at our Member Support Center)

  • *Title: The title of the work. For example, if the work is a journal article, then this would be the title of the journal article

  • Translated title: If the title of the work has been translated into another language it should be recorded here

  • Language of this title: The language the translated title is in

  • Subtitle: A subtitle to the work, if there is one

  • Journal title: The name of the main volume this work was published in, if applicable. This can be the journal title, book title, volume title, etc.

  • Publication date: The date the work was published. You may fill in just the year, or just the year and month

  • Citation type: The format the citation is in. If BibTeX is selected, the citation will rendered to display as normal text

  • Citation: The full citation to the work. If you would like to add co-author information in manual entry, we recommend adding it here.

  • Description: A description of the work, or an abstract

  • Identifier type: An identifier associated with the work, such as an ISBN, DOI, or PMID. Start typing to see the full list of available identifiers

  • Identifier value: The identifier associated with the work. An identifier must be included for the work to group

  • Identifier URL: The URL where the identifier resolves to. The identifier URL will be auto-populated based on the identifier type and identifier value fields when possible

  • Identifier relationship: Self or part of: Information about if the identifier applies to the work itself (like a DOI for an article) or if the work is part of a larger collection the work belongs to (e.g. an ISBN of the book in which a book chapter was published)

  • URL: An external link to the work

  • Language used in this form: The language you have recorded the information about the work in

  • Country: The country the work was published in, if relevant.

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