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Display: Sort works

Welcome to ORCID > Works, metadata, and peer review > Display: Sort works

The listing of works on your ORCID record defaults to reverse chronological order, with the most recently published work at the top. You may choose to sort works further as follows:

  • By Date: Sorts works in chronological order or reverse chronological order, from most specific to least, e.g. a work with a publish date of 2016.05.23 will appear higher in the reverse chronological order list than works with a publish date of 2016.06 or 2016

  • By Title: Sorts works by the work's title, and does not ignore determiners (e.g. a, an, the) or stopwords (e.g. if, on, to, what, why).

  • By Type: Sorts works by type (e.g. journal article, book), with types sorted in alphabetical order


Note that the sorting selection is not saved. If you choose to sort your works by type, then exit and re-enter your record, the works will again appear listed by date.

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