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Exporting works into a BibTeX file

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Using the BibTeX export tool, you can export all works on your ORCID record into a BibTeX (.bib) file. As of February 2017, the tool exports works regardless of visibility; an upgrade to enable export of individual items is in development.

The tool exports data as is, and defaults to the existing BibTeX citation in the work’s metadata. If a work does not have an existing BibTeX citation, then one is created for it. This may create issues for poorly-formatted BibTeX and for multiple character encodings - see BibTeX issues and troubleshooting for more information.

To export the works on your ORCID record into a BibTeX file:

  1. Start from the Works section of your record, and select “Export works”

    Export works
  2. In next box, click “Export”. The export will begin immediately and the BibTeX file will automatically download to your default download folder.

  3. You can then import it into the system(s) of your choice.

    BibTex citation

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