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Importing works from a BibTeX file

Using the BibTeX import tool, you can import your research works from systems that have not yet built a connection with ORCID. We test our import tool with BibTeX generated from standard BibTeX providers, including Google Scholar Citations.

You will be listed as the source for works added using the BibTeX import tool, and you can manually edit these works after you have imported them.

To import a list of works saved in a BibTeX file into the Works section of your ORCID record:

  1. Start from the Works section, go to “Add works”, then select “Import BibTeX”.

  2. Click “Choose File” to open the file menu, then select the BibTeX (.bib) file you want to import.

  3. The publications from the file will appear in a list. Select save (“disk” icon) next to a work to add the work individually, delete ("trash can" icon) to delete the work individually, or save all to add all of the publications at once.

The publications will appear listed under works in your record.

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