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Add a biography to your ORCID record

Welcome to ORCID > Building your ORCID record and connecting your iD > Add a biography to your ORCID record

You can add a brief biography to your ORCID record to provide a narrative description about you and your research career and interests. Since February 2017 with the release of ORCID API 2.0, only you or trusted individuals can add or edit the biography on your ORCID record. 

The biography field is a plain-text field. It is limited to 5000 characters.

As with all fields on the ORCID record, you can set who can see your biography by choosing your preferred visibility. The options are:

  • Everyone: information anyone who looks at your public ORCID record can see
  • Trusted parties: information only made available to organizations or individuals you have specifically granted access, such as a publisher or research institution
  • Only me: information no one but you and trusted individuals can see


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