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How can I help someone update their record as a trusted individual?

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How can I help someone else to update their record without sharing login credentials?

One of ORCID’s core principles is that individuals control their ORCID iD and the information attached to it. You should not, therefore, be using another person's email address and password to access an account which is not your own. However, you can update someone else’s ORCID record if they give you permission to be a trusted individual (delegate).

Access a record as a trusted individual

If a user has added you to their ORCID record as a trusted individual, a notification will appear in your ORCID inbox and you will receive an email notification if you have opted to receive notifications about changes to your record.

Once you have been added as a trusted individual, you will see an additional option when you log in to your own ORCID record. Under your name you will see the heading Switch account.

Switch account

Clicking on Switch account will list the records that you can manage. If you do not see the name and ORCID iD for the person whose record you would like to manage, you can search for it or click the More... link to be taken to a page with all the records for which you have been made a trusted individual. If the name is still not available, the owner of the record may need to add you to their trusted individual list (please contact them directly).


Once you have selected an account to manage from the Switch account menu, you will be taken to that user's ORCID record, where you can make changes to their record in the same way you would on your own. When you have finished managing the record, click Switch account again for an option to return to your own record.

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