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Is the Sandbox different from the Production Registry?

The ORCID development Sandbox is designed to resemble the production Registry as closely as possible. The most notable differences are that Import Works tools do not work and that the Sandbox only sends email messages to email addresses.

Information in the Sandbox is made available following the visibility setting assigned to it, but it is not indexed by search engines. We have no Service-Level Agreement on the Sandbox, and we make no guarantees about uptime/availability, processing speed, or data availability. We don't backup data in the Sandbox, and we reserve the right to remove data at any time -- though we will make a best effort to notify users via the API Users Group if we have plans to do so.

Occasionally, the Sandbox will be one version ahead of the Production Registry to allow for API developer testing. When we are seeking feedback on a new feature on Sandbox we will notify the API Users Group.

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