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Supported Browsers and Plugins

Is your browser up to date?

The ORCID Registry works best on the latest internet browsers. If you are using an older browser our site may not display correctly or might not even work at all. If you need to update, use the following links to download the most recent version of popular browsers.  If you don't know what browser you are using, go to Google's What Browser to find out.

Internet Explorer Firefox Safari Chrome

Browsers ORCID supports

  • Firefox - version 33+
  • Chrome - version 38+
  • Internet Explorer - version 10+
  • Safari - version 6+
  • Opera - version 12

If you are using a supported browser and still encounter errors with the ORCID Registry, please contact us.

Known plugin issues

If you try to click on the Register, Sign in, or Authorize button and receive no response, this is a sign that a plugin or addon installed on your browser is interfering with your access to the ORCID registry. Certain plugins intended to preserve your privacy, such as uBlock, will prevent you from registering or signing into the ORCID Registry. Generally you should be able to work around this by white listing to any addons that may cause a problem.

Cookies and plugins to affect them

This website makes minimal use of cookies. Some are required to help us to provide a great experience to users For example, the cookies tell the site that you have already signed into the ORCID registry, or which one of our servers has been presenting the site to you so that it can continue to do so.

Cookies from our customer support tool, UserVoice, provide information that allows ORCID staff to better help with technical issues by telling us a bit about the browser you're using or if you have contacted us about a similar problem in the past.

Cookies from the site analytics tool, Google Analytics, provide very general information about how users access and use the site. This includes the most commonly used browsers, which languages our users read, and which integrated sites are providing the most benefits to users. This information helps us to understand where improvements or new features are needed.

Some users prefer to disable cookies from some services. The website supports tools to disable cookies, and does not require cookies from UserVoice or Google Analytics to sign into or use the ORCID Registry. We have tested and confirmed that our site supports the following tools that monitor and block cookies:

You can read more about cookies and information we store at the ORCID privacy policy. Contact ORCID's Community Engagement and Support team if you have questions.

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