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Verifying your email address

Verifying your email address is important for both you and ORCID. Confirming to us that you have an active email address enables you to access key features of your ORCID record, and means that we can contact you in the rare event that we need to send you a service or other important announcement.

You must verify your primary email address in order to:

Verification is not required to:

How to verify your email address

Click the custom link in your verification email and sign into your ORCID account to verify your email address. If you are already signed into your account, you only need to click the link to verify your address. 

When you first create an ORCID iD, we automatically send a welcome email to your primary email address from asking you to verify your email by clicking a verification link. We send you a reminder email seven days after you have created your iD if you have not yet verified your primary email address. You can also request a verification email at any time from your account settings. We also issue automated verification messages each time you add an additional email address to your ORCID iD.

If you have not verified your primary email address before trying to perform an action which requires verification, you will be prompted to verify your address.

Why should I verify my email address?

Verification allows us to be certain that the address on your account is valid and active, so that we can contact you in the rare event that we need to send you a service announcement or other important information about ORCID. Service announcements, although rare, are sent to all ORCID registrants as per our privacy policy, regardless of their preferred email frequency settings.

I didn’t receive a verification email, what now?

You may have not received a verification email due to mail filtering or a typo in your email address. Confirm that your email is correct in your account settings, and then check your spam or junk mail folders for messages from for messages whose subject line starts with [ORCID].

If you do not see a verification message, please contact us from the email address associated with your ORCID account. We’ll investigate the issue and help you verify your address. If your mail server is blocking our messages, we’ll also get in touch with your service administrator so you can use your ORCID account as normal.

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