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Verifying your email address

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Verifying your email address is important for both you and ORCID. Confirming that you have an active email address ensures you have access to your record, enables you to access key features of your ORCID record, and allows us to contact you in the rare event that we need to send you an urgent service announcement or other important notification. If you have not verified your primary email address before trying to perform an action that requires verification, you will be prompted to verify your address.

You must verify your primary email address to:

  • add any data manually other than adding and editing your name(s)

  • add works using BibTeX import

  • register a public API application

Verification is not required to:

  • edit your name

  • add and edit your published name and other names you’re known as

  • change your account settings

  • change your email addresses

  • connect your ORCID iD to other systems and give them access to read and update your ORCID record (learn more about auto-updates)

  • change the visibility of data that other systems have added to your ORCID record, and delete such data

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