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Account settings

The Account settings panel in your ORCID record allows you to edit your email address, password, security question, email preferences and to deactivate your account. The Account setting panel also displays information about your trusted organizations and trusted individuals.

When you are signed into your ORCID account, you will see a tab for account settings at the top of the screen. You can also access your account settings by going directly to

Email and contact preferences

This setting lets you change or add email addresses to your record. Each account has one email set as the Primary Email, this is where ORCID will send notifications, if you have opted to receive them, and service announcements about your account. The current/past drop-down menu lets you select if the email address is one you currently can be reached as or an email that you no longer use. The Verify link will send an email message to your address with a link you can follow to verify that you have access to that email address. The trash can icon delete the email address from you account, note that your Primary Email address can not be deleted. The visibility selector let you set visibility level of each email address.

To add a new email address to your account, type it in the 'Add Another Email' box and click add. A verification email will automatically be sent to that address.

Edit language preferences

ln this option you can set your preferred language for display and ORCID automated notifications.

You also have the option to do this in the top right drop down button of the ORCID site.

ORCID inbox notifications

To help you manage how and when you receive notifications from ORCID we have developed an ORCID messaging system, seen on your ORCID record as the Inbox tab at the top of the record. For more information go see the ORCID Inbox.


In this box you can change your password. First enter your current password then enter the new password twice to confirm it.

Privacy preferences

This option lets you change the default visibility level of all new works, funding, education and employment items added to your record. You can change the visibility of existing items in your record by using the visibility selector next to each item.

Security question

This option you set a security question which must be answered to reset a forgotten password. It can also be used to restore access to your ORCID record if you lose access to your email address.

Deactivate account

This option lets you deactivate your ORCID account. Only close your account if you do not want to participate in ORCID. Once an account is deactivated, you will not be able to create a new one using the email address associated with the account.

For more information about deactivating an account see Deactivating your ORCID account.

Trusted organizations and trusted parties

Below the main account settings section you will find information about trusted organizations and trusted individuals – parties you have granted access to add or edit items on your ORCID record.

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