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Add links to personal websites to your ORCID record

Welcome to ORCID > Building your ORCID record and connecting your iD > Personal information > Websites

Add links to web pages such as your personal website, department profile, Wikipedia page, or social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and others. You may reorder the list as you wish. Trusted parties can also add and update this information if you grant them permission to add biographical information.

Each website entry consists of a Description and URL:

  • Description: The text displayed on your record to designate the link; this should be kept brief.

  • URL: The full URL of the website. It must include a valid domain (i.e. no underscores). This field is required.

    The URL will automatically be displayed in the description box if a description is not included.

You may add an unlimited number of websites. Each must have a unique URL. Websites with the same URL as a previously added website will not be saved.

Websites can be reordered. Each website entry has its own unique visibility setting. 


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