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Names in the ORCID Registry

Name fields

With in your ORCID record there are four places to record your name. Together these fields are intended to capture the name you are most closely associated with as well as any additional names or different versions of a single name. You can edit your first, last and published name by clicking on the pencil icon next to your name in the left column of your ORCID record. You can edit the Also know as field by clicking on the pencil icon next to it.

  1. First name: Your given name, or the name you most commonly go by. If you only have one name you should record it in the First Name field. This is the only required name field and is limited to 150 characters.
  2. Last name: Your family name or surname. This field is limited to 150 characters.
  3. Published name: How you prefer your name to appear when credited. This is the name that appears at the top of your ORCID record.
  4. Also know as/Other names: Additional names you may be known by, such as with an abbreviated first name, married or single name, or name in a different character set. For each other name, record the complete name in the order it typically appears. You can add as many other names as needed.

Middle names

ORCID does not offer a separate field to capture middle names to avoid confusion in cultures where middle names are uncommon. Instead, we suggest that researchers include their full name with middle names in the Published name or Also know as fields. Researchers who are more widely known by their middle name are encourage to record their middle name in the First name field; likewise, researchers who always use both their first and middle names together are encourage to record both in the First name field

Additional names

The Also known as field in personal information is intended to capture all additional names you may be know by. This includes other ways you name is displayed, your name in other languages or characters, and other names you may have gone by.

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