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Trusted organizations

A core ORCID principle is that you control the visibility settings of your ORCID record and with whom you share information. For this purpose, ORCID allows you to manage organizations who have access to your ORCID record, these organizations are called trusted parties.

When you make a connection with a trusted party, you can choose to allow the organization to see information that you have set with a visibility setting of trusted parties. (See ORCID visibility settings for more information.) You may also choose to allow trusted parties to update data on your record.

Only ORCID member organizations may serve as trusted parties, meaning they have agreed to the ORCID privacy policies and member terms.

For granting access to Trusted Individuals see add a trusted individual

Granting permission

You must explicitly grant permission to a Trusted Party to allow them to view information that you have marked as trusted parties or to edit or add to your record. To grant this permission, you will be presented with a screen that describes what level of access is being requested, and you can choose to accept or deny this request.

Some connections may also give you the option to grant access until you revoke it. If an option to grant ongoing access is not presented, or if you do not check the box to grant it, the trusted party's access to your record will expire after one hour. Below is an example of what you may see during this process. 

 grant access via OAuth permission screen

Managing permissions

Once permission has been granted, you may revoke the access at any time by logging into your ORCID account, going to your account settings, and clicking the delete (waste bin) icon next to the item you wish to revoke.

Revoking this permission will disallow all special access to your record by this trusted party. They will still be able to read information on your record which you have set as visible to everyone.

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