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Visibility settings

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Individual control is a core principle of the ORCID Trust program: you control what information is added to and deleted from your ORCID record, with fine-grained control over the visibility of the information, and control over which trusted parties can access your record to read, write, or update your information.

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Your ORCID iD is always publicly visible, and you control the visibility settings for all other content in your ORCID record. Any information added by a trusted organization will always be visible to them irrespective of the visibility setting and, if you have given them permission to do so, they will also be able to update the information they've added.

There are three visibility settings : everyone, trusted parties, or only me.

  • Everyone: Information marked as everyone can be viewed by anyone who comes to the website or consumed by anyone using the ORCID public API. This information is also included in the public data file posted annually by ORCID.

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  • Trusted parties: Information marked as Trusted parties can be seen by any trusted parties that you have authorized to connect to your ORCID record. These connections require explicit action on your part. You will be asked if you would like to make a specific connection and, once you have confirmed, the trusted party will be able to see information that you have marked as trusted parties access in addition to the information marked as visible by everyone.


  • Only me: Information marked as Only me his information may only be seen by you. It is also used by ORCID algorithms to help distinguish your identity from another person who may have a similar name, be in a similar field, or may be confused with you for other reasons. This information is not shared with others.


The default visibility setting when you create your record is everyone, except for your email address, which is set to only me. You can choose your own default settings using the Visibility preferences option in your ORCID account settings.

You can change the visibility setting for each item individually, enabling you to choose which you want to display publicly or only share with trusted parties, for example. The visibility settings for some sections can be changed in bulk by clicking on the visibility icon and selecting everyone, trusted parties, or only me from the bulk edit setting. To see what your public record looks like, click on View public version located under your ORCID iD at the top left of your record.

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