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What is ORCID?

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“How can I build a verified record of my research activities, with automatic updating, and that is interoperable with all the different publishers, funders, and institutions I work with?”

ORCID is an international, interdisciplinary, open, non-proprietary, and not-for-profit organization created by the research community for the benefit of all stakeholders, including you and the organizations that support the research ecosystem.

We provide a persistent digital identifier (an ORCID iD) that distinguishes you from other researchers and a record that supports automatic links among all your professional activities. Your ORCID iD and connections are stored in the ORCID Registry, in an account you own and manage.

ORCID's name was formed from the acronym "open researcher and contributor identifier" -- but just call us "ORCID"! Our vision is a world where all who participate in research, scholarship, and innovation are uniquely identified and connected to their contributions and affiliations across time, disciplines, and borders.

ORCID is financially sustained by membership fees from organizational members who come from all sectors of the research community -- associations, funders, publishers, repositories, research organizations, facilities, and more. We do not use data to support advertising services, and we do not have advertising revenue.

ORCID has a committed international staff, located in countries around the world. We are governed by a transparent, majority non-profit, independent Board that is representative of our broad membership.

Visit our about pages for on our vision, mission, and values, our governance, and annual reports.

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