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Granting access to trusted organizations

One of ORCID's core principles is researcher control of your ORCID record, including deciding which organizations can verify your ORCID iD and read, add, and update your information.

When you connect your ORCID iD to another organization’s system, for example when submitting a manuscript or grant application, you will see an authorization screen asking you to grant permission to that organization to interact with your iD and record.

Permission granted per access

The table below shows what permission you are giving to the organization. Note that organizations will often request more than one permission.

You can also see more information about each permission by hovering over it on the authorization screen.

When an organization is asking to...

They are asking permission to...

Get your ORCID iD

Get your verified ORCID iD, which they can store and use in their systems and workflows

Read your limited access information

Read your ORCID record

Read your biographical information

Read items in your ORCID record

Get your verified ORCID iD and read items on your ORCID record that are set to be visible to everyone or just to trusted parties. (Note, no one other than you can read items that you have set to be private.)

Add or update your research activities

Add works

Update your works

Add education or employment

Update education or employment

Add funding items

Update funding items

Get your verified ORCID iD and add employment, education, funding, works, and peer review items to your ORCID record. The organization can also update or delete any of these items that they have added.

Add or update your biographical information

Add a person identifier

Get your verified ORCID iD and add biographical information to your record. This includes “also known as” names, external identifiers, website links, country or region, and keywords. The organization can also update or delete any of these items that they have added.

For more information, please see Trusted Organizations or contact us.

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