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  1. What is ORCID 

    1. What is ORCID?
    2. Your ORCID iD - your digital name identifier
    3. What is my ORCID iD and how should I use it?
    4. Does an ORCID iD assure my identity?
    5. How is ORCID different from other researcher identifiers?

    1. Getting started with your ORCID record
    2. Structure of the ORCID Identifier
    3. Register a public API client application
    4. Register a member API client application
  3. Register for your ORCID iD 

    1. Register for your ORCID iD
    2. Registration fields
    3. Verifying your email address
    4. How to verify your email address
    5. I didn’t receive a verification email, what now?
  4. Sign into ORCID 

    1. Sign in to ORCID
    2. Forgotten your password?
    3. Different ways to sign into ORCID
    4. Why do I need an ORCID password if I'm always going to sign in using my institutional or social media accounts?
    5. Linking accounts
  5. ORCID account settings 

    1. Account settings
    2. Email and contact preferences
    3. Email frequency
    4. Language display preferences
    5. ORCID inbox notifications
  6. Visibility settings 

    1. Visibility settings
    2. Trusted parties
    3. Trusted organizations
    4. Permissions you can grant
    5. Revoking permission
  7. Building your ORCID record & connecting your iD 

    1. Building your ORCID record and connecting your iD
    2. Personal information
    3. Name
    4. Country
    5. Keywords
  8. Works, metadata, and peer review 

    1. Add works to your ORCID record
    2. Add works by direct import from other systems
    3. Import and export works via BibTeX
    4. Importing works from a BibTeX file
    5. Exporting works into a BibTeX file
  9. Deactivating an ORCID account 

    1. Deactivating an ORCID account
    2. If I deactivate my account, can I register for a new ORCID ID?
    3. What information does ORCID retain when I close my account?
    4. How can I reactivate a deactivated account?
    5. Remove a duplicate ORCID record
  10. Do you have more than one account? 

    1. Do you have more than one account?
    2. Removing your additional or duplicate ORCID iD
  11. Auto-updates: time-saving and trust-building 

    1. Auto-updates: time-saving and trust-building
    2. Granting long-lasting permissions
    3. Does the organization I’m connecting to support auto-update?
    4. Auto-updates in your institution’s system
    5. Auto-updates in third-party systems: Publons
  12. Technical requirements to use ORCID 

    1. Technical requirements for using the ORCID site
    2. Is your browser up-to-date?
    3. Register or Sign-In Button not doing anything? Known plugin issues
    4. Cookies and plugins
  13. Frequently Asked Questions about ORCID 

    1. Is ORCID a commercial operation? Is ORCID run by publishers? How is ORCID governed?
    2. Where is ORCID located?
    3. How are new features decided?
    4. Does ORCID use my data to support advertising services?
    5. How does ORCID handle privacy?
  14. Frequently Asked Questions about the ORCID API 

    1. What is an API? What is OAuth?
    2. Does the API have an admin page?
    3. What is an integration?
    4. How do redirect URIs work?
    5. What's the difference between the Public and Member APIs?
  15. Contact us 

    1. Contact us
  16. All articles 

    1. What is ORCID?
    2. Visibility settings
    3. Account settings
    4. Deactivating an ORCID account
    5. Register for your ORCID iD

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