• Taylor, Michael (ELS-OXF)
    That's exactly what ORCID's extensive and open APIs are design to encourage - yes please!
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  • Ana Cardoso

    Thanks for submitting your idea to improve the ORCID Registry. We agree that integration with IR platforms and research works import methods is important.

    One of the questions we have is, with the number of different IR platforms, how to prioritize what is worked on first. Is there one or a few standards we can focus on supporting?

    Second, even with priorities identified, integrating with another system requires a partnership; it is not something ORCID can do on its own. We need two things to get started:

    * a short specification describing the system or method and how ORCID should interact with it,

    * a lead organization and contact information for who within that organization to partner with to carry out the integration.

    Could you provide us with this information or help direct us to who to talk with?



    Laurel L. Haak, PhD
    Executive Director, ORCID

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  • Marie-Claude Deboin
    What's new about importing publications references from institutional repositories (managed by DSpace or ePrints for example) into ORCID researchers profile ?
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