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  • David W. Lawrence
    I wish that the launch had been delayed. There should have been time for a "public beta" to allow this and other frustrations to be identified and corrected. My quick glance through several new ORCID records found many errors of content and formatting on almost every record I examined. In almost every case the "works" lists were differently formatted, not only across the different records but also within individual records. Yikes!
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  • Michael Twidale
    That seems to be a consistent error for ACM conference publications. The conference editors get inserted as second (and third authors) shunting all the real co-authors down
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  • Ana Cardoso

    Thanks for submitting your idea to improve the ORCID Registry. We agree that integration with repositories and streamlining the import process is important.

    Integrating with another system requires a partnership; it is not something ORCID can do on its own. ORCID has been working with the CrossRef team for several months.

    CrossRef just released a new API that will support a finer-grained search. We are working with CrossRef to improve the ORCID search interface and expect to have this in place in the next few months.

    In addition to improving the search and import processes, ORCID also has in place processes and policies for managing data errors. These are detailed in our Privacy Policy, available here: Please contact me if you have questions about the policy.

    Stay tuned!



    Laurel L. Haak, PhD
    Executive Director, ORCID

    I just wanted to add a quick follow up to Laure's message pointing you to our Knowledge Base article with information about where this information comes from and how to correct it at

    ORCID Support

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