provide citation counts from "third parties", e.g. Scopus, Web of Knowledge, Google

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  • Ana Cardoso


    Thank you for submitting your idea to improve the ORCID Registry. I agree that improving citation counts and other measures of research impact are important and can be improved by use of the ORCID registry. However, usage stats are not in scope for ORCID.Instead, we encourage third parties to use ORCID data to derive usage statistics.

    In fact, algorithms for measuring usage are being implemented by a number of organizations, several of which are benefiting from ORCID data. Some examples of integrations that will, over time as ORCID is adopted, improve search engine accuracy and also calculation of article-level metrics:

    Thomson Reuters has already contacted publishers about submitting ORCID iDs with their articles, and has also been working on integrating their Researcher ID with ORCID iDs. The latter will be fully rolled out in January 2013.

    Scopus has integrated with ORCID and allows researchers to review and validate their publication record.

    Similarly, a recent post by Brian Kelly ( points out that you can now search Google for <researcher name ORCID> and be sent to the ORCID record. So, the Google search will improve, which will benefit Google Scholar as well.

    In addition, there are a number of sites that are (or will soon be) consuming ORCID data to support calculation of a whole range of research metrics. Check out the Impact Story or PLOS websites for example.



    Laurel L. Haak, PhD
    Executive Director, ORCID

    * *How are new features decided?*
    * *Registry Stability Working Group*

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  • lea.hyvarinen
    To a 77 years old person this service is most confusing. It uses terminology that is unknown to new people and makes answering a random guessing. Lea Hyvärinen
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  • lea.hyvarinen
    What is my Orchid number?
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    Hello Lea, Thanks for your comment. Please contact us at for assistance with your ORCID account access. Warm regards, ORCID Community Team
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