• David M. Newbery
    I welcome this suggestion and am glad ORCID will hopefully be incorporating it soon. Book chapters, especially when peer-reviewed, are important part of scientific output just like journal articles. Presently, I add them in manually and call them 'Other' because they are not strictly 'Books'. ResearcherID does not appear to have a way to incorporate them at all.
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  • Ana Cardoso

    Just an update on this suggestion. With our new work type list based on the CASRAI vocabulary you are able to select a variety of publication types including 'book chapter.' We’re still working on ways to sort works, such as by type, for that suggestion you should vote for or follow the iDea at

    ORCID Support

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  • Jennifer Davis

    Good morning,

    I'm inquiring about how we can add a peer-review filter to publications in ORCID? This will help immensely when it comes to faculty annual reviews and evaluations. We currently have ORCID integrated with Pure Research Profiles as well as with Digital Measures. 



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