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    Thanks to everyone for their support of this suggestion.

    It is now possible to search for all researchers which have publicly asserted an affiliation with an institution using either the ORCID API or the ORCID advanced search interface. You can search using two methods:

    The Advanced Search interface is available here: 

    Below is an example search using the institution name "Australian National University" and the additional delinerator of the family name "Smith". 

    Searching using the API requires a browser-based interface (such as our Swagger UI: ) or a terminal. Learn more about searching using the ORCID API at our Members Support Center: Finding ORCID record holders at your institution:

    Warm regards,
    ORCID Community Team

  • Matthew Cockerill
    Essentially, what is needed is a public and member API to do searches/lookups in a structured way on all the metadata that is public (or available to members). This should also include the email address (if validated)- this then facilitates auto-complete of puiblic profile details via ORCID when, for example, using a manuscript submission system. I understand currently Editorial Manager lets you enter your ORCID, and then autocompletes with metadata from ORCID. But ORCID is not memorable or typable from memory, and so it is a burden to look up / copy /paste. what we need is for the user to type in an email address, and based on whether that email address exists or does not exist in the ORCID database, we can then either (a) autocomplete the ORCID and other available metadata or (b) prompt the user to supply sufficient information to allow us to register them for a new ORCID. It might be that if we register them for a new ORCID, and the email already exists in the ORCID db, a duplication warning should be given (to the user? or to the ORCID member ) I guess there's a privavy question - for a given known email address, should ORCID be allowed to tell members that there is a duplicate in the system. Should that depend on the email privacy setting? It's not obvious if it should or should not. You're not giving the email to anyone who doesn't already have it, and the existence or not of the email in the db is critical info if ORCID is to serve its purpose in helping to resolve ambiguity and duplication. The one slight danger is you could use the API to speculatively probe to find valid emails by guess work. But you can do that simply by speculatively sending mail. And wouldn't seem a problem if it were restricted to members.
  • David W. Lawrence
    The note above states that implementation of this had a target date of summer 2013. Is there an updated due date? This would be very useful to me.
  • Claire Tinker-Mill
    Is there any update on this? It would be very useful to know which academics at my institution have ORCID ID's, and may soon be a requirement for them. An update would be fab. Cheers!

    Hi Claire,

    We have a guide up that explains how to search for researches by organization using our current search tools at

    For the adding a search by affiliation to the user interface, that's still a feature that is being decided by our technical steering group.

    ORCID Support

  • Audrey Bondar
    As ORCID becomes more widely used, I'm hoping that the individuals will update and maintain their information, such as current employment. Having the ability to search by Employment to provide a list of those currently employed at our hospital would be very helpful. Of course it would only be as accurate as the information updated by the individuals on their records. If we were able to run a report limiting by Employment, would it produce a list with only those that have chosen to make that information available to Everyone?
  • Anonymous
    Sorry, but is there really anyone working on this? It doesn't seem like ORCID cares about such a fundamental improvement. 2 years after suggestion there should be some progress.
  • Anonymous
    Good to hear!

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