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    [update: 2016.07.29]
    Thank you for your suggestion on improving the ORCID Registry.

    We are delighted to announce that The Lens (, a global patents database which, among other features, allow innovators to connect their ORCID and Lens accounts, find their patents, and assert their inventorship and post them to their ORCID record.

    You can read more about this feature here: and in our related blog post:

    Warm regards,
    ORCID Community Team


    Thanks for submitting your idea to improve the ORCID Registry. We agree that integration with other systems, such as USPTO or WIPO to import patents, is important, and would like your help making your idea a reality.

    Integrating with another system requires a partnership; it is not something ORCID can do on its own. We need two things to get started: a short specification describing the system and how ORCID should interact with it, and also contact information for who within that organization to partner with to carry out the integration.

    Could you provide us with this information or help direct us to who to talk with?

    ORCID Support

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    This URL can be the start point to USPTO
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  • Iain Wallace

    It is indeed possible to use smoothly use the lens to link patents to your orcid profile.


    The steps involved are:

    1. Create a account using your ORCID Id. This will allow the Lens to update your orcid profile.

    2. Use the Lens patent search to find your patents.

    3. Claim the patents/record  ( This will link your ORCID id to the patent.


    Your ORCID profile should automatically be updated then.

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