we change e-mail providers and loose mail and access to places automatically.




    Indeed, we encourage researchers to associate multiple email addresses with a single ORCID record since ORCID iD duplicate prevention has its roots in email matches. Personal and professional email addresses and even past emails or other forms of an address can be included to help ensure that a duplicate iD is not unintentionally created. Each address has its own privacy setting, and ORCID will not share any email information that you have marked private. Best, Ana ORCID Support
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  • Alainna Wrigley

    Thank you for your suggestion on improving the ORCID registry.

    ORCID record holders can now link their ORCID accounts to their social media accounts with Google or Facebook, as well as their institutional accounts with members of certain supported federations.

    You can read our announcement about this at:
    What was my password again? http://orcid.org/blog/2016/05/21/what-was-my-password-again

    If you are a member of an institution who would like to enable this for your researchers, please see our Member Support Centre:
    Sign into ORCID with institutional credentials

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