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  • David W. Lawrence
    Once the basic structure of importing tag-defined metadata (like RIS) is finished, it will be trivial to also allow ENW-tagged format metadata (native EndNote export format) to also be imported. It would also be quite nice to allow the _export_ of ORCID lists in standard formats (BibTeX, ENW, MODS, RIS, etc.). Further, it would be great to have one's ORCID works listed in the page head in both unAPI and COinS formats for direct automated import into Citavi, Mendeley, Papers, Zotero, and others.
  • Ana Cardoso

    Thanks for submitting your idea to improve the ORCID Registry. Starting the week of Nov 12, and continuing weekly through December the Registry Stability Working Group will meet to help us prioritize all the functions and bugs that have been submitted, at that time you might see the status of your idea change after the Working Group assigns it a priority. While we want to get to every suggestion, our limited staff time means that some features will have to wait until future development cycles. The full process of how an idea turns into an active part of the ORCID Registry is described in the article *How are new features decided?*

    ORCID works with the involvement and support of the community, and we appreciate your taking the time to help make the Registry better. In the three weeks since our launch, we’ve received a lot of great suggestions for the system, as well as notifications of a few bugs, and we are excited to start incorporating user recommendations into the Registry.
    Thanks again for your involvement in helping to advance the ORCID Registry. We love to read your ideas and will respond to them as quickly as possible. And, if you have any additional suggestions for us, submit them now so they can be included in this month’s review.


    How are new features decided?
    Registry Stability Working Group

    The ORCID Team

    This iDea is still under consideration, since we've decided to prioritize the development of other features at the moment. In the meantime, you can export works into BibteX files or other systems which can create RIS citations. ORCID is an open system, and we are always happy to receive contributions from the community. If you would like to get more involved in the development of this initiative please let us know! Warm regards, The ORCID Community Team
  • Anderson Santana
    Dear Guys, My institution (Universidade de Sao Paulo) is a ORCID Member and we really need an way to import data in RIS format. Please, think about it. To develop an exporter to BibTex is hard, but we have a RIS exporter ready to be used. Thanks. Anderson de Santana Universidade de Sao Paulo (Brazil)
  • Anderson Santana
    Dear Guys, My institution (Universidade de Sao Paulo) is an ORCID Member and we really need a way to import data in RIS format in ORCID platform. Please, think about it. To develop an exporter to BibTex will be a hard work, but we have a RIS exporter ready to be used. Thanks. Anderson de Santana Universidade de Sao Paulo (Brazil)
  • Anonymous
    Nearly all journal websites have the facility to export files in .ris format. My bibliographic database software just does it. Like that. So the many references I've manually added, as well as those imported, can be exported very easily. I have tried setting up the BibTex export from Endnote. I spent half an hour trying. It didn't work. I cannot afford to (?waste) more time, not knowing if I will have enough time to make it work. Please add .ris import, so I can just select a list of references in Endnote, export them as a .ris file, and import them to ORCID. Until you do... the references will not be added.
    Hello, Currently EndNote doesn't have a way to connect to ORCID. The BibTeX files exported from EndNote aren't in standard BibTeX format (if you look at the EndNote site they call the export a "proprietary BibTeX format created for EndNote") which is why it can't be loaded into other systems, like ORCID. There's two ways around this. You can create a free ResearcherID account and load your EndNote file in there, because ResearcherID is also a Thomson Reuters product it can load a EndNote BibTeX format file. Then, after you've loaded your works into ResearcherID you can import them into ORCID (instructions are at If you don't already have a ResearcherID, it may be quicker for you to add your works to ORCID from another one of our search and link wizards. These are listed when you log into your ORCID record if you go to Add Works then Search and Link. More about how to import your works this way, and the other search and link wizards available are at If you experience any issues, please contact us at Best regards, ORCID Community Team

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